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In Nigeria today, the number of fresh graduates who seek permanent work positions is fast increasing, therefore this makes the job market highly competitive. However, there are a few important steps and factors that could enhance the chances of successfully securing a job position in Nigeria. Here are a few steps to take when seeking a permanent job position;

  1. Plan a career path.
  2. Start with internships. 
  3. Take professional courses and certifications.
  4. Learn a skill.  
  5. Prepare a well-polished curriculum vitae.

PLAN A CAREER PATH: the first factor to consider before embarking on your career journey is starting with a plan. What is your passion? What industry do you want to focus on? These questions are important because they determine your drive at any workplace. It is no doubt that you cannot secure a job you do not love, you would show an obvious lackadaisical attitude and this would often lead to termination. Setting a career plan for yourself makes you committed and nothing beats drive/commitment, it takes you far.

START WITH INTERNSHIPS: the benefits of having a real work experience under your belt is undeniable. Starting your career journey as an intern is a great way to acquire essential experience and skills that prepares you for future permanent positions.

Experience gives you an edge when trying to secure a job in Nigeria as it is a major requirement most employers consider before allocating a permanent position. Alongside these benefits, internships can also be an opportunity to retain a full-time job position.

TAKE PROFESSIONAL COURSES AND CERTIFICATIONS: professional courses build professional credibility, expand knowledge, and give you a competitive advantage. Most employers recognize and use professional certifications to analyze and evaluate employee skills and commitment to the profession. Professional courses allow you to learn and develop workforce-ready skills. Oftentimes, obtaining professional certification in a particular field enhances your chances of securing a job position of your choice and presents you as an expert.

LEARN A SKILL: what skills have you presently acquired that may aid the growth of the company? This is a major question that you should ask yourself before seeking a long-time job opportunity in a company. Learning a skill expands your knowledge base and enhances your ability to brainstorm and come up with various problem-solving approaches that could be useful when dealing with problems that may arise in the company. Considering how competitive the job market is, improving your skills could give you a competitive advantage.

PREPARE A WELL-POLISHED CURRICULUM VITAE: your CV is your life’s work. A great CV impresses the employer and most times your CV speaks for you before you’re called for an interview. Employers often look out for experience, skills, certifications, value, and commitment to the profession, if your CV is well-tailored to match these requirements appropriately, you have a high chance to capture the interest of the employer. It is not advisable to write a CV that is unreal, most times employers would find out especially during the interview. Construct a CV that is defendable

Finally, ensure you keep yourself updated as the requirements from employers also changes with new skills and certifications being required. Job searching can be hectic but the most important thing to know is that every company requires value; they seek growth.  Therefore, as long as you’re bringing exceptional value to the company you can be sure of securing that dream job.

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