The Most Lucrative Post-COVID Business Ideas for Nigerians

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It is no longer news that the global pandemic (COVID-19) ravaging the world has reduced the economic output of nations, thereby driving the rate of unemployment sky-high into unimaginable new levels. Nigeria has started feeling the brunt, as organizations both in the private and public sectors cut down the workforce to stay afloat.

So, you’ve lost a job/salary has been reduced and you no longer find it easy to survive on a single source of income,  now what’s your plan? It’s time to become your own boss. Do you know that there are so many businesses you can set up all by yourself without breaking the bank? Let’s take look at the top five profitable small business ideas for Nigerians;

  1. Catering Business
  2. Baking Business
  3. Courier Business
  4. Cleaning services
  5. Interior Decorating


Catering Business: you a good cook? If you aren’t, it’s never too late to learn. Starting up a catering business requires a professional cooking skill which happens to be one of the easiest skills to acquire. The food business is one of the most profitable businesses ever especially if you are preparing a wide variety of delicacies. In a country like Nigeria where most people leave for work very early in the morning and get back home late at night with no time to prepare any meal, delivering cooked meals to their doorsteps would be a great relief. You know what they say about Nigerians and their love for parties, there is barely any events with no food and this is also an advantage for you as a food vendor. A catering business isn’t limited to cooking and selling alone, there are so many other ideas you could explore e.g. delivering groceries to homes, becoming a personal chef and personal shopper for foodstuff. Turn your skill today into a business.



Baking Business: This is one business you can start from the comfort of your home. There are over a thousand plus recipes to try so pick up that recipe book today and start making some good money. Baking requires uniqueness, there are so many bakeries in Nigeria so if you would want to take up this business idea you might want to consider producing unique baked goods. Explore intercontinental and classy pastries, try out amazing cake recipes that are not common in Nigeria. Thanks to YouTube, you can learn and practice exclusive baking skills on your own. A lot of people love baked goods especially children so be certain that you would definitely sell out if you are giving your consumers what they love.



Courier Business: Logistics is one of the most sought after businesses in Nigeria today. With the enormous growth in the number of businesses online, the need for transportation of goods is fast increasing. Almost every business now partners with a courier service to ensure the delivery of consumers’ online orders both inter-state and intra-state. No matter how many people run the business, the services of logistics would keep growing as long as businesses continue to exist and advance. Do you know that you could also decide to start up a transportation business alongside delivering goods? You will need a lot of patience when dealing with this business, get ready.

Cleaning Service
Cleaning Services: There are so many ideas that fall under cleaning services, a few are; car wash, apartment cleaning, waste disposal for estates, pool cleaning, office cleaning and so much more. A lot of people consider cleaning the hardest chore and this is where the cleaning service plays a huge role. How many people actually have the time to wash their cars or clean their apartments themselves? Start with writing proposals to hotels, hospitals, offices, estates and institutions, propose your services to them and that’s how you’d get your clients. You don’t have to do the cleaning yourself, employ a group of people that would love to work with you and get the most important equipment for a start then you are ready for business


Interior Decoration

Interior Decorating: Unlike the aforementioned, interior decoration is not so easy to learn. It is a skill that requires passion to be productive. If you love designing and creating you could take up this business idea because it is easy to start and very lucrative. Interior decoration is the art of making an interior space more aesthetical. A lot of new houses in Nigeria are now built to meet foreign designs and that includes interior too. How creative are you? This might be the business for you. To start up this business you’d also have to know a lot about sourcing for furniture, it is advisable to start checking out a lot foreign interior decorators and what they do, this would give a good twist to your level of creativity and make you stand out.

The most important part of starting a business is your willingness to be consistent, patient and hardworking. You would have to understand that it’s not always going to be rosy but there would be a lot of good times. Never underestimate the impact of good marketing and always yearn to learn more. Entrepreneurship is a good choice for anyone who is self-driven and creative.

The above-mentioned business ideas are also evergreen ideas that would be in existence for many years. It’s never too late to start up a business, it’s your zeal that really matters. You’re probably wondering “what if I don’t have the money”, all five business ideas require very little capital so stop making a mountain out of a molehill and start making money. So, which of these top five ideas would you like to consider first?


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